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Thoughts on WWII

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 13, 2014, 7:40 AM

Since I was a little girl my mum taught me not to hate the Japanese. It was later on in life that I understood for myself why I shouldn’t let hatred manifest, to always see both sides of a coin and look for the good side even in a terrible situation.

My hometown is the old Manchuria region, the oldest generation there could speak both fluent Russian and Japanese due to 50 years of occupation. My maternal grandparents came from North Korea, till now, my grandma is still on friendly terms with the Japanese folks in the neighborhood. Her brother died in the war fighting the Japanese, due to illness related with staying in the snowfield battlefield for too long in Northeast China. Due to the region, there were more Japanese left behind here after Japanese retreat, mostly women and children, some of them are people I know. It really surprised me that the locals took them in and raised them as their own, in those times immediately after the war, never lose faith in humanity.

There was no justification for that war. The policy that the Japanese had towards the Chinese was much more harsher than other Southeast Asia countries, and it was especially obvious in a country like Singapore. Those were war crimes on the most brutal level aimed at Chinese people. Partial reason was that the Japanese expected a swift steamroll victory over China but instead it dragged on for years, and they hated that resistance.

Even then, history is for one to remember, not to hold a grudge. I don’t turn on the TV anymore when I go back to China, unless I’m watching daytime soaps with my grandma. Too much anti-Japanese WW2 drama, and also in my cousin’s elementary school textbook. I don’t believe in spreading hatred, especially to children. Despite all the shitstorms the CCP caused during its reign, its resistance efforts in WW2 were its undeniable merits and a major reason for its rise in power. Of course it would want to shove it in everyone’s faces. On the other hand, the level of denial and self-victimization about WW2 in Japan though. Well.

These materials hardly talk about the rise of militarism in Showa Japan though. Not everyone in Japan wanted this war, but those who opposed were assassinated. I think it takes true courage to stand up against your own people for the greater cause, and shows that there is light in the darkest situations.

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Yue's gaming history

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 2, 2014, 12:09 PM

Sudden wave of nostalgia from the 90s, when online fandoms still used webrings and we had to build our own html sites to host on geocities/angelfire, while fanfiction writers used mailing lists. The hardisk space is always full so I saved the art and fanfics I loved on floppy disks. Social media sites this days are so handy for fandoms. I used to take the train from one end of the city to the next rummaging various VCD stores, and hunt down 2nd hand bookstores for old/obscure manga. Downloading? HI DIAL-UP CONNECTION 2KB/S OOPS I JUST GOT DISCONNECTED. Now I just couch potato and 1-click get everything from the Internet.

When I first touched a computer the text-style RPGs were already in the museums. It was still MS-DOS system, but it had pretty well-made 2D pixel games. My first game there was a Counterstrike style shooter game, so my 7-yr-old self was happily killing dudes on the office computer while my parents were chatting nearby. My only game console contained a single game, Tetris.

Hey there buddy, Solitaire and Minesweeper are doing fine too

I was only allowed to buy games and manga when I went to secondary school. So I used to borrow Gameboy and manga from friends, especially when I went over to their house and watch them play on Playstation. My dad bought me my first PC games, till now I have no idea what motivated him to do that, I was like dad I didn’t even want to play these. And the games were left there for months until one day I was too bored and picked one up. And that was it, got me hooked there. It was a 2D Chinese RPG, till then I only played Mario-style games, street fighters and puzzle games, so I felt like I was starting the game from scratch all the time in a loop until I discovered the SAVE FUNCTION !!!!111 The 3D one though, was so badly made especially on the camera angles that it instilled a fear of 3D games in me, took years of Square Enix games therapy to fix the trauma.

Chinese RPGs still have a special place in my heart, unfortunately game developers are churning these out at a snail speed, to produce money-grabbing free MMORPG instead. Really, it’s phenomenal how people throw their money at those, I think it’s worse than Korean MMORPGs.

My first MMORPG is Ragnarok Online, the graphics are beautiful like it's straight out of a fairytale. The style of the settings is quite special, not to mention the Norse mythology references which I love. How I managed to put up with shtty dial-up connection that disconnects every 10-30mins is a mystery. Unfortunately I quit that one because I couldn't afford the monthly subscription fees during high school. But I got a PC solo version of it for my lovely memories ^_^

Even though 3D games today feature high sophisticated graphics, I still think 2D games are more creative, because gameplay was the main focus back then. I love games like 2D Castlevania and IB (one obscure gem is Vampire Hurts, nice Engrish title). Recently I tried to play FF13 and the spin-offs but never made it through 1/4 of the games, Lightning I love you I really do, but the story is so disengaging. But the older FF games really captured my heart, FF7 darling forever, FF8’s retro setting, FF4 Cecil’s path to a paladin, all of them are wonderful.

What opened my eyes to BL was original BL fiction at first, but I wasn’t into BL until I turned 18. My first BL game is Togainu no Chi, and I played it thinking it was a street fighter style game(LooooOOOL). Actually, a lot of dudes who played this game were fooled at first too. Guys, it is a Nitroplus game, but don’t forget the Chiral behind.

What do you mean this isn’t a hotblooded fighting game.

My first otome game is Under The Moon, which has an interesting plot actually. However this being aimed at masochist women only means it will have (a lot of) agonizing moments for me. The target audience gives the writer an excuse to punch the heroine around, ohhhhkaaaaayyyyy, finnnnneeeeee. But isn’t the number of otome games being aimed at masochist women and sadist women really imbalanced hmm? Or in fact, is there any aimed at sadist women besides Jooubachi no Oubou Kaguya Side.

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